artist:GhostLude game:shenmue streamer:joel // 800x800 // 328.5KB Date     User GhostLude    
Tags artist:GhostLude game:shenmue streamer:joel


Hey, I'm sorry if this is kinda crusty and I'm sorry I made Joy say "Ryu" instead of "Ryo". ALSO, thanks for all the smiles and laughs you give us, there's never a day of you streaming where I'm upsetti.


artist:cyanideteabags streamer:vinny // 1097x1412 // 4.4MB Date     User cyanideteabags    
Tags artist:cyanideteabags streamer:vinny


this took me four months to complete smh


artist:Glory2Snowstar end enderfriend enderman friend game:minecraft he_back streamer:vinny // 960x640 // 177.9KB Date     User Glory2Snowstar    
Tags artist:Glory2Snowstar end enderfriend enderman friend game:minecraft he_back streamer:vinny


I kid you not, right when I uploaded this, Enderfriend made their glorious return! I’m so happy!

Also, yeah, I’m really enjoying these chill Minecraft streams, so I decided to whip up something cute and quick. Thanks for the great night, man!

Oh yeah, one more thing: I’m making a Smash Stage out of your mountain base. What is said base called? Just curious.


artist:vinchvolt dog drowning man pink_floyd stone streamer:vinny // 1931x2500 // 465.0KB Date     User VinchVolt    
Tags artist:vinchvolt dog drowning man pink_floyd stone streamer:vinny


Hearing Vinny play "Sheep" on the BRB made me want to draw something related to Pink Floyd's Animals, so while listening to it again I came up with the idea of a drawing based on "Dogs", another song from the album.

The guy on the right isn't supposed to be anyone, I just thought it'd be best to insert a nondescript guy.


artist:Deathamps streamer:vinny // 800x916 // 196.3KB Date     User deathamps    
Tags artist:Deathamps streamer:vinny


Saw a license plate coming back from long island near the whitestone bridge and it said "Hot Chief"


artist:Dustyoo10 streamer:joel // 667x476 // 100.2KB Date     User Dustyoo10    
Tags artist:Dustyoo10 streamer:joel


Hey Joel, I'd like to say thanks so much for putting my stupid Mr.X fanart into the thumbnail of one of your Resident Evil Videos.
Also, have you seen this video of Space Ghost interviewing Todd Howard?


artist:elinad gouache streamer:vinny vineshroom // 1368x1850 // 4.9MB Date     User ElinaD    
Tags artist:elinad gouache streamer:vinny vineshroom


this is another level of beauty Elina, i would say that the whole community appreciate and love your art


animation artist:CheesyDraws streamer:joel wasp // 1280x720 // 994.5KB Date     User CheesyDraws    
Tags animation artist:CheesyDraws streamer:joel wasp



Whipped this up real quick. I knew I wanted to do SOME sort of animation for the wasp incident and didn’t feel satisfied with the other doodle I made so bam, animation kind of. I’ve been playing Rayman Origins recently and the expressions in that game are wack and that kind of inspired me.


Game:Danganronpa Jabroni_Mike artist:wendiz streamer:revscarecrow // 1818x1818 // 1.1MB Date     User Wendiz    
Tags artist:wendiz Game:Danganronpa Jabroni_Mike streamer:revscarecrow


I got hurt recently so I haven’t been able to catch a stream live or draw art for a while. I’m so glad after hours is a thing!
Anyway I thought it was funny how both Mike (in the last Diversity stream) and Celeste both said they wanted to hang out in a castle lol


John_Fullsauce Pucci artist:CreatorViktor lucas palutena phoenix_wright streamer:vinny // 640x291 // 113.5KB Date     User CreatorViktor    
Tags artist:CreatorViktor John_Fullsauce lucas palutena phoenix_wright Pucci streamer:vinny


Im not sure if exactly works by the rules, since it kinda seems like a wierd gray area, however considering were approaching 1000th art segment i thought id make something and also shoutout John Fullsauce and the regular boys who keep us YT onlys company
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