artist:IANator game:black_mesa mug streamer:joel vargshroom // 553x1046 // 67.9KB Date     User Titanus_IANator    
Tags artist:IANator game:black_mesa mug streamer:joel vargshroom


This is what a true Mug Gamer looks in the flesh, Joel :^)


artist:Kurusu game:dragon_quest_xi streamer:vinny // 2347x2327 // 4.9MB Date     User Kurusu_    
Tags artist:Kurusu game:dragon_quest_xi streamer:vinny


Thanks for playing one of my favorite RPGS, glad you enjoyed it!
oh my god this is incredible, amazing work!
wow love the colours!! <3


artist:Wii2 brb streamer:vinny video // 853x480 // 4.2MB Date     User Wii2    
Tags artist:Wii2 brb streamer:vinny video


Really nice!


artist:Dunkeyshspittle game:kirby_super_star_ultra king_dedede streamer:vinny // 2400x2053 // 560.0KB Date     User Dunkeyshspittle    
Tags artist:Dunkeyshspittle game:kirby_super_star_ultra king_dedede streamer:vinny


Haven't uploaded to booru in a LONG while, hope you like it. Masked Dedede has the SICKEST theme btw
nice pose!!


artist:SalBoi game:chrono_trigger+ streamer:vinny // 1900x1080 // 493.1KB Date     User SalBoi    
Tags artist:SalBoi game:chrono_trigger+ streamer:vinny


Hey Vin, this is like my first booru post in like 2-3 years, but I was really excited to see you streaming Chrono Trigger +. During the first stream 4 years ago I had only been watching for like two years and it really got me into watching your and the rest of the crew's streams. Immediately, after you beat it I played the game like 3-4 times. Still dragging my feet on Chrono Cross though....Last thing, my current college I had saw when I entered that one of the graduates had used booru art of you in their portfolio it was pretty cool.


Himbone artist:cryptidkitten game:mario_artist_talent_studio streamer:vinny // 1280x1400 // 2.6MB Date     User cryptidkitten    
Tags artist:cryptidkitten game:mario_artist_talent_studio Himbone streamer:vinny


He's beautiful
Himbone needs more representation. He's beautiful!
Himbone needs more representation. He's cute!


Himbone artist:elvenking42 game:mario_artist game:talent_studio streamer:vinny // 1700x2400 // 1.1MB Date     User Elvenking42    
Tags artist:elvenking42 game:mario_artist game:talent_studio Himbone streamer:vinny


Oh no he’s hot :)
some Kefka vibes for some reason
If I could date him, I would totally go for it.


Dr._Meow artist:chai_the_tea game:black_mesa mr._meow mug streamer:joel // 2000x1800 // 569.0KB Date     User chai_the_tea    
Tags artist:chai_the_tea Dr._Meow game:black_mesa mr._meow mug streamer:joel


Joel loses Dr. Meow Meow
I have been too mug to do art, but hopefully I'll be able to post some stuff now <3


albert_wesker artist:TelkarTelk cbt_wizard game:sims_4 grand_dad jill_valentine streamer:joel // 1024x570 // 577.3KB Date     User TelkarTelk    
Tags albert_wesker artist:TelkarTelk cbt_wizard game:sims_4 grand_dad jill_valentine streamer:joel


Good news, Sims 4 console implemented the gallery a few days ago. Now I can share my grotesque creations with fellow console users and desktop users as well! Anyways, here’s another group of Sims from the Meme House series that I created, and I decided to throw Grand Dad in there too. The “normal” Sims were most challenging, especially Madeline since I couldn’t get a clear CAS face shot of her. Here’s to more ball-kicking and Yonny Zest bullying in Meme House Season 2.
If anyone is interested in downloading these guys, I titled it “More Meme House,” so you just gotta search that on the Sims Gallery and it should pop up.


artist:vine_lizzy streamer:joel // 1042x1904 // 346.8KB Date     User vine_lizzy    
Tags artist:vine_lizzy streamer:joel


hi i havent posted art in a long while and i was pretty proud of this piece lol
i messed up a bit on the line work but hey thats what happens when you have shaky hands
anyways thanks for making me laugh a lot jotels, keep being rad
i lovf
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