artist:CheesyDraws game:animal_crossing game:animal_crossing_new_horizons streamer:vinny // 1000x1400 // 319.0KB Date     User CheesyDraws    
Tags artist:CheesyDraws game:animal_crossing game:animal_crossing_new_horizons streamer:vinny


salmiakki beat me to it
I hate it when Auntie gets trashed on Vine Daniel's an starts making duck noises


artist:Goldylawks streamer:joel vargshroom // 2100x1313 // 2.8MB Date     User goldylawks    
Tags artist:Goldylawks streamer:joel vargshroom


hey Joel! I've been working on this sporadically since august and I finally finished it today! I really hope you like it! I've been listening to your streams while I'm at work and it helps make my day a little less stressful. I hope you're doing well and you continue to stream your goofy antics!
goldylawks heres a process of pictures in case you're interested >:3


LIDL artist:Darkflame255 fren game:half-life:_alyx streamer:joel // 1800x2400 // 500.1KB Date     User Darkflame255    
Tags artist:Darkflame255 fren game:half-life:_alyx LIDL streamer:joel


Hey Joel. Your silly streams have gotten me through a lot lately and I figured I should return the favor, so decided to draw Varg Fren with a pet headcrab. Thanks again for the wonderful Half-Life: Alyx streams.


artist:salmiakki game:animal_crossing game:animal_crossing_new_horizons streamer:vinny // 1494x949 // 535.7KB Date     User Salmiakki    
Tags artist:salmiakki game:animal_crossing game:animal_crossing_new_horizons streamer:vinny


i don't know why i wanted to draw this but i did. context here:


artist:bobamiruku fren raccoonfren streamer:joel vargFren // 2128x1972 // 373.6KB Date     User Bobamiruku    
Tags artist:bobamiruku fren raccoonfren streamer:joel vargFren


people are posting their art for spalump's collab, So I think I'll do it too! my part for the spalumpkin's fren collab, a reference to zeurel's animation of fren feeding racoonFren grapes!


artist:zes game:animal_crossing_new_horizons scoot streamer:vinny // 1152x1002 // 32.9KB Date     User zes    
Tags artist:zes game:animal_crossing_new_horizons scoot streamer:vinny


j u s t l i k e t h e r e a l t h i n g.
Weekend at Scoop's


artist:snorlaxbud game:animal_crossing_new_horizons streamer:joel // 960x540 // 61.3KB Date     User SnorlaxBud    
Tags artist:snorlaxbud game:animal_crossing_new_horizons streamer:joel


Greetings Joel from Trash Island (Official name Whöör) like most I can't wait until the AC:NH craze starts to slow down so you can stream it. Until then I'll be littering my island with memes to hold me off, like Im sure most others are. Also I can't wait for the new Scythelord album \m/, thanks for all the huehue giggles past, present and future :3
the joel pic in the back is the best, ahah


artist:zugskeletorc fren kirby streamer:joel // 1600x1020 // 1.3MB Date     User Zugskeletorc    
Tags artist:zugskeletorc fren kirby streamer:joel


Kirby drives from Tucson to Dreamland on his very own Desert bus. He is a very gude driver :)

(Inspired from Joel's latest GTA3 stream)


artist:Hyena streamer:joel // 444x460 // 4.3KB Date     User AnalHyena    
Tags artist:Hyena streamer:joel


been messing around with black and white pixel art. hope y'all like it
Next Deltarune boss?
yeah, i'm actually just leaking Deltarune sprites. don't tell Toby Fox though


Doom_Eternal artist:meenmachine streamer:vinny // 792x936 // 251.7KB Date     User TheMeenMachine    
Tags artist:meenmachine Doom_Eternal streamer:vinny


I anticipated this fight giving Vinny a bit more trouble than it did, but he took it like a champ.
He's not actually that bad imo!
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