artist:pleasedontlookintoit baby_hazel game:Homestuck streamer:revscarecrow // 800x800 // 527.9KB Date     User Pleasedontlookintoit    
Tags artist:pleasedontlookintoit baby_hazel game:Homestuck streamer:revscarecrow


I'm not sure how to explain this.
Land of Viruses and Gas Masks?


artist:h_l_longboy dio game:sims_4 streamer:joel trash // 1200x1200 // 375.7KB Date     User h_l_longboy    
Tags artist:h_l_longboy dio game:sims_4 streamer:joel trash


Dio arguing with the trash can made me think of the Malkavian stop sign conversation. BTW, Louisiana native, you should make gumbo at home its stupid easy.


artist:JustALittleJinxed game:final_fantasy_ix lucas streamer:vinny vivi vivi_ornitier // 640x576 // 149.7KB Date     User JustALittleJinxed    
Tags artist:JustALittleJinxed game:final_fantasy_ix lucas streamer:vinny vivi vivi_ornitier


I feel like they would be friends


artist:Belgdore bulk_bogan game:sims_4 streamer:joel // 800x600 // 85.5KB Date     User Belgdore    
Tags artist:Belgdore bulk_bogan game:sims_4 streamer:joel


Bogan used to want to be swole, but now he only wants cake.


artist:Yourname9422 bulk_bogan streamer:joel // 1245x1200 // 65.7KB Date     User Yourname9422    
Tags artist:Yourname9422 bulk_bogan streamer:joel


I made Bulk Bogan, but he kind of ended up looking like Wario.


artist:FlameZardChaosBeam cereal dio game:sims_4 streamer:joel // 1690x2192 // 1.2MB Date     User FlameZardChaosBeam    
Tags artist:FlameZardChaosBeam cereal dio game:sims_4 streamer:joel


Grab your bowl and enjoy your DiO's now! Stand users and vampires get a 50% discount, so you better buy now. (the limited offer ended when Dio kicked with his bad leg) * REUPLOAD*


artist:sarah_smiles512 streamer:joel // 1635x1799 // 743.5KB Date     User sarah_smiles512    
Tags artist:sarah_smiles512 streamer:joel


okay so this isn't as impressive as my last post but i saw that you were streaming while i was working on my summer assignment for school. i was bored and really wishing i could watch you instead of doing work so i did some doodles. also in case you were wondering the last post was actually made with colored pencils. again this isn't very impressive but i hope you enjoy it nonetheless :)


artist:skibalovesya baconguden streamer:joel // 1544x1011 // 341.5KB Date     User skibalovesya    
Tags artist:skibalovesya baconguden streamer:joel


Oh lawd they grillin'.

Bacon's been telling us how much fun you guys have been having grilling lately, and sorry that this past one didn't turn out as planned. Still, from everything I've heard it sounds like they were good times regardless.

Also just wanted to tell you I'm going to Sweden for the first time late next month, Simon invited me to visit in southern Sweden. It's my first time overseas and I can't wait to go.

(Also also, Kyun drew Bacon's burp-puke incident here: :) )


artist:Lazy_Gyro dio game:sims_4 streamer:joel trash // 1920x1080 // 847.8KB Date     User Lazy_Gyro    
Tags artist:Lazy_Gyro dio game:sims_4 streamer:joel trash


First post in the booru! For some stupid reason Dio kicking the trash cracks me up so much, anyways, thank you Joel for the laughs, I always watch the streams while drawing or playing videogames and it definitely makes everything much better and entertaining!

Greetings from Chile.


artist:egg2dotcom streamer:joel vargshroom // 720x864 // 266.0KB Date     User eggtwodotcom    
Tags artist:egg2dotcom streamer:joel vargshroom


This is the last stream art I'll make for a while since I'm going back to college tomorrow, plz pray for me, I'd say college is hell but I think I'd prefer hell to college at this point
Also you've been pronouncing my name wrong, it's egg-too-dot-com not egg-woo-dot-com
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