artist:Fallenstarlight14 streamer:joel sus // 1006x1035 // 403.9KB Date     User Fallenstarlight14    
Tags artist:Fallenstarlight14 streamer:joel sus


Here take this sus drawing


artist:0leg streamer:joel vargshroom // 1219x1219 // 905.6KB Date     User 0leg    
Tags artist:0leg streamer:joel vargshroom


Dumb and rushed totem thingy I did, might finish this later on but just wanted to say this before the stream ends: Dorf stream when? I'd really appreciate it sometime soon I think it's been like a year and a half since the last one, which lasted too damn short


LIDL artist:kaeton fren streamer:joel // 1280x719 // 337.8KB Date     User Kaeton    
Tags artist:kaeton fren LIDL streamer:joel


YO I was actually planning to buy them in my local LIDL holy shit
suckers B)


artist:rowsdowerrrrr autopilot robot // 528x1212 // 2.4MB Date     User Rowsdowerrrrr    
Tags artist:rowsdowerrrrr autopilot robot




artist:xXcheyenne666Xx chat fren streamer:joel vargFren // 400x400 // 106.0KB Date     User shitty-cheyenne    
Tags artist:xXcheyenne666Xx chat fren streamer:joel vargFren


another missed art from months ago heres da original desc:
chat eating chips. as a snack? sure...but later on we'll be having sandwiches for lunch...we'll finish the rest of the chips then :) as a side :) you smelly head
What flavour?


artist:Fre4k4life heman streamer:joel // 366x720 // 176.8KB Date     User Fre4k4life    
Tags artist:Fre4k4life heman streamer:joel


Orko is pretty Orcool.


artist:MrAnster fren fren_game streamer:joel // 879x613 // 374.3KB Date     User Anster    
Tags artist:MrAnster fren fren_game streamer:joel


Well now, Fren can collect gamer coins now! I still need some help (with programmers mainly) but is starting to look good! For now on I will stop doing this show-off because I want to keep some things as secret until a trailer is revealed. Take care Joel, your swedish laught always brights my soul!

PS: Completly unrelated, but check a this thing that I found :)
Oh yeah, I almost forgot! Contact SireAnster on twitch if you wsnt to help! Thats all~


artist:That_Scar game:miitopia mii mug streamer:joel // 1258x720 // 968.2KB Date     User That_Scar    
Tags artist:That_Scar game:miitopia mii mug streamer:joel


I'm sorry that i didn't added other details like the shades and the mug dog the game limited me on how much stuff i could add. Also i'm sorry that Duane sucked but at least i tried.


Toree_3D artist:Wheatley06 bulk_bogan streamer:joel // 1280x720 // 547.7KB Date     User Wheatley06    
Tags artist:Wheatley06 bulk_bogan streamer:joel Toree_3D


Hey Joel, I hope you are able to look at this. Played Toree 3D myself and I liked it very much, hope you get to play it entirely too, anyways this is of course based on that lame joke you made with Bogan's chicken suit in the last Miitopia stream, hope you enjoy it

Say hi to chat from me :)
Gimp's bucket tool sucks btw, just a bit salty about that, could have a looked a lot better if it wasn't for that


artist:theduckr streamer:joel // 368x266 // 29.3KB Date     User theduckr    
Tags artist:theduckr streamer:joel


i wanted to do some fan art in the style of classi aztec calendar art.
super unique. Love how it came out
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