artist:eckitronix game:dwarf_fortress streamer:joel // 1280x800 // 347.9KB Date     User Eckitronix    
Tags artist:eckitronix game:dwarf_fortress streamer:joel


Hey Joel! I made this as basically a thank you for many things: 1. I tend to try to unwind with your Dwarf Fortress streams before bed using the VODs, so thank you for supplying those! 2. I never thought I'd come as far as to feel like a part of the Vinesauce community like this, and it's made me incomprehensibly happy, even when it's something as small as "here's your art on the stream" and it still feels surreal to me! 3. Earlier tonight, not only did you decide I was a good contender for Dwarfkind, but SOMEHOW I managed to outlive my entire species until the inevitable, and I NEVER would have expected that!! I'm still not sure how to feel about being immortalized as A CENTRAL PLOTPOINT IN A DEMON WAR, so I'm not only proud to be a part of the Vinesauce community, but I'm also proud to be your Beast of Balls. <3 I can't wait for the VOD now!


artist:daria_arbuz game:dwarf_fortress streamer:joel // 844x1000 // 871.1KB Date     User Daria_Arbuz    
Tags artist:daria_arbuz game:dwarf_fortress streamer:joel


The crystal glass winged tarantula forgotten beast from your recent stream...... very rushed and prolly doesn't look as you imagined it, but I wanted to draw it! Thank you for your streams
It looks cooler than I could ever imagine, I hope ol' dorf friend didn't get eaten.

Even if it was me. (I'm honored to have gotten that chance, though)

I like this!


artist:pandaloaf game:gregory_horror_show streamer:joel // 1484x1235 // 1.2MB Date     User PandaLoaf17    
Tags artist:pandaloaf game:gregory_horror_show streamer:joel


i like your style


King_of_all_cosmos artist:capnsdraw game:katamari_damacy streamer:vinny // 1280x731 // 63.2KB Date     User Capnsdraw    
Tags artist:capnsdraw game:katamari_damacy King_of_all_cosmos streamer:vinny


Very very super nice to see Vin playing Katamari Damacy Reroll. Brings me some good ol' memories with this game. Thank you so much and i really hope you can finish the game somehow, to the Climax!

And come to think of it, have you ever eaten Steamed Snow Crabs? Those long crabbos are really big, juicy and meaty. You should try 'em if you haven't!


artist:smb200+ game:7_grand_dad grand_dad streamer:joel // 600x800 // 154.0KB Date     User Smb200plus    
Tags artist:smb200+ game:7_grand_dad grand_dad streamer:joel


A bit late... kinda made for Modded Smash Wii U. Sorry about chat.


artist:beach_raptor streamer:vinny // 1059x1059 // 65.3KB Date     User beach_raptor    
Tags artist:beach_raptor streamer:vinny


wanted to play around with 3D stuff. liked the outcome :D (ps, it's my bday!! :3)
ooo, i love the composition!! also, happy birthday!!


another_light artist:fretalynn red_vox streamer:vinny // 400x576 // 76.5KB Date     User Fretalynn    
Tags another_light artist:fretalynn red_vox streamer:vinny


just a little isometric pixel thing for my favorite album :> (i can't believe it's already been a year!!)


artist:werewhiskey red_vox streamer:vinny // 1920x1080 // 808.5KB Date     User werewhiskey_    
Tags artist:werewhiskey red_vox streamer:vinny


it's been a year since the another light premiere stream, can you believe it? feels like time flew, yet at the same time it didn't this year. you guys made a great album (and single), and have really managed to set a tone for yourselves. here's hoping for the best in your future music-making endeavors!

about the art: something about the closing line for "burn a picture" was inspiring. originally i had a different idea for it, but i decided to scrap it since i wasn't satisfied with how it was turning out. figured i would go back to my niche of "psychedelic" art this time around.
update, textless version in the source


artist:Lyuda_Wang streamer:joel // 1272x954 // 612.8KB Date     User LyudaWang    
Tags artist:Lyuda_Wang streamer:joel


god i'm sorry
i really like your art


artist:mustachossom red_vox streamer:vinny // 978x1280 // 782.5KB Date     User mustachossom    
Tags artist:mustachossom red_vox streamer:vinny


hey Vinny! i drew this after listening to From The Stars on repeat for a couple of days. this song makes me very emotional and listening to it helped me to finally start feeling better after some bad times. Thank you so much for Red Vox and for everything you do!
this is absolutely gorgeous... woaaa
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