VineMeat meat streamer:vinny // 768x768 // 767.1KB Date     User gerald    
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I may have forgotten Vinny's superbious beard I am sincerely sorry.


artist:satoita streamer:joel // 953x1280 // 751.7KB Date     User Aryssa    
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This isn't completely finished, but here you go <3.
oil on canvas, 16 x 12 inches
I've been in an art school for 4 years and I am still not able to draw or paint skulls like you. This piece of artwork is absolutely beautiful and you should be proud of yourself! Please do more of these! <3
amazing!! I love the background!
So dope
Very cool


artist:linds_knits crochet streamer:joel // 480x640 // 58.3KB Date     User Linds_knits    
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artist:halcyonshade earth_boiling_dystopia scythelord streamer:joel // 720x890 // 891.3KB Date     User halcyonshade    
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(Hey Joel, I just noticed that I’ve basically wrote a wall of text, so it’s probably better not to read all this gibberish out loud. Thanks and sorry, just wanted to congratulate you with an album’s first anniversary.)

So, Earth Boiling Dystopia is only a year old and it already dragged me through tons of nasty and horrible shit and it keeps been very helpful, especially lately. What a great time to have ears!

But seriously though, the album is incredible, it’s so soulful and I genuinely love it. I honestly have zero knowledge about music recording, so it’s still very fascinating to me that just two people can create something so remarkable and complicated. And I especially appreciate how uplifting and tranquilizing this album is at the same time. Like I can be in an absolutely terrible mood, and listening to it would make me fell so much better. And if I already fell well, the music enhances my mood tremendously. It makes me feel alive, essentially, and I am really grateful for that.

I hope that despite all the difficulties, making music ultimately brings you and Frank as much good emotions as people get by listening to it. You two are great musicians, I really like your approach on creating art and I am very happy that you share your music with the world. Looking forward for whatever you up to next, good luck!

Also, sorry that this drawing is probably too cheesy and ignorant for such a serious thing as EBD. I actually wanted to share some things that I’ve been drawing through this whole year (all of them inspired by the album), and this was supposed to be just a preview for the booru. But I’ve realized that I won’t be able to finish everything any time soon and I’m kinda late even with this one, so yeee… sorry, I’ll upload more decent (hopefully) stuff sometime later if it’s ok. In any case, thanks a lot for all the inspiration, I’ve started to learn how to draw new things that I’ve always wanted to try, and it feels great. And uhh… yeah, sorry for abusing the comments feature, I just never thought I’d discover a new favorite band by clicking on a video about Garfield and Dio selling weed in sims. Byeee.


artist:idioticocto davy's_grey streamer:vinny // 500x500 // 258.6KB Date     User idiotic_octo    
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drew this yesterday whilst listening to no cigar, an album on vin's bandcamp!
lyrics are from road to your mind


artist:miranda streamer:joel vargshroom // 545x577 // 585.9KB Date     User Miranda    
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Ehh yo joey,

I used my whole crayola box - hope you like this :)

Also, I hope your summer is starting out nice; have you started grilling anything yet??

Like always, more arts and crafts to come; take care,
-Miranda (moe_rando in chat)
I LOVE how colorful thie is! Awesome job!!!
Aw thank you Major!!


artist:xXcheyenne666Xx chat fren streamer:joel // 1000x649 // 544.0KB Date     User shitty-cheyenne    
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fren when potato crisps conversation
mmm thick :)
I love this so much


artist:Noodle fren streamer:joel // 695x555 // 26.1KB Date     User Noodle    
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animated artist:DragonChronicler cool_robot game:ai piano streamer:revscarecrow // 1200x900 // 105.4KB Date     User DragonChronicler    
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link to a better crop
Tried making a gif and time it with "cool robot music"


artist:VyseKing fever_stream logo streamer:vinny vineshroom // 1202x635 // 489.4KB Date     User VyseKing    
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An idea that's been kicking around for awhile; a logo for the Fever Streams if they ever return. I couldn't remember if we were supposed to email this or just post it to the booru.
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