artist:pastelpiixel streamer:joel vargskelethor // 503x512 // 65.9KB Date     User pastelpiixel    
Tags artist:pastelpiixel streamer:joel vargskelethor


Hey Joel! I've been practicing Watercolor and decided to test it with a vargshroom! (Plus a little doodle of you :D)


Dr._Thunder artist:chai_the_tea bulk_bogan game:hard_time game:wrestling_mpire james_bone streamer:joel // 1000x750 // 603.0KB Date     User chai_the_tea    
Tags artist:chai_the_tea bulk_bogan Dr._Thunder game:hard_time game:wrestling_mpire james_bone streamer:joel


Joel's Keyboard Extravaganza.

I love everytime you take out the synth thing, so i wanted to celebrate some of it. Still waiting for the next Super Ghostbusters :)

PS.: Thank you so much for your streams Joel owo, you have no idea how much you and your community mean to me. Lately has been rough, but watching your streams always help me get back on track uwu. <3


artist:O-bot streamer:joel // 1041x1061 // 323.7KB Date     User O-bot    
Tags artist:O-bot streamer:joel




artist:lethean mario streamer:joel // 1520x1027 // 717.2KB Date     User lethean    
Tags artist:lethean mario streamer:joel


this is creative as all hell but also kinda creepy. stellar job aaa


artist:joe_mayim game:skateBIRD skateboard streamer:joel // 1000x1415 // 1.8MB Date     User joemayim    
Tags artist:joe_mayim game:skateBIRD skateboard streamer:joel


greetings from Thailand! I hope I captured your look correctly. I heard about you from Duwang dub, been a fan since then! also I love Grookey, too!
Holy crap this is freaking awesome! I love how you drew Joel. So fun and unique!
It's the real Vargs8tor
holy shit


Mario_Pissing artist:grey brb mario streamer:vinny sunset // 1300x919 // 1.7MB Date     User grey    
Tags artist:grey brb mario Mario_Pissing streamer:vinny sunset


The fact that I not only hate this image's existence yet simultaneously love it at the same time makes me confused.

So I'm just gonna ask,
what the hell are you doing?


Mario_Pissing artist:LiamTheLam streamer:vinny tetris_99 // 986x750 // 459.2KB Date     User LiamTheLam    
Tags artist:LiamTheLam Mario_Pissing streamer:vinny tetris_99


"Well, it's time for another wacky 'stream' from Vinesauce."
*starts streaming*
"binyot, wtf are you doing"
"I'm streaming at 1080p, chat."
"why aren't you saying something funny thats what your here to do"
"I might do it during the Art tonight..."
"no @vinesauce say something funny"
"...Alright, let me finish this round of Tetris and then I guess maybe I'll say something funny."
"> maybe Are you fkn nuts? no say something funny now mf"
"Let's talk about it after this round, chat; OK?"
"fine Kappa"


Mario_Pissing artist:eckitronix streamer:vinny // 512x512 // 372.0KB Date     User Eckitronix    
Tags artist:eckitronix Mario_Pissing streamer:vinny


On the first day, the Lord said "The time hath cometh for I to createth a release of urine."
On the second day, one of the land creatures questioned the actions of the Creator. "What in thy name art thou doing?"
With a response, He said, "I giveth thou this answer; I releaseth urine to flood the world."
The creature, accepting this answer, replied, "I understand, yet thou dost not leapeth towards myself? This is what your purpose in this world is."
The Creator, still indulged in his current plans, declined to accept the creature's offer. "Perhaps I shall satisfy your needs at another time."
The creature, now infuriated, scoffed at the Lord; "And not at this moment, at which I standeth before Thee? I am a non-believer of your ways, therefore thou must smite my inferior being with Thine Holy Legs."
The Lord responded again. "I have reconsidered thine offer, Beast; however, before I take it upon myself to fulfill my duties, I must regain composure of my Holy Garment. Once this has been done, only perhaps then, should it interest me, I shall end thine foul existence."
The creature, now growing absolutely enraged beyond competent speech, retorted angrily towards Him.
"Perhaps, you say? Should it interest Thee? Art thou mentally deranged!? Nay, I say; send me directly to the Ninth Circle of Hell immediately, you monstrous disgrace!"
The Lord, having understood that He had tested the creature's patience enough, agreed.
"Very well. It shall be done; though thou must hesitate briefly, as I reach for my Holy Garment."
The creature, seemingly more calm, uttered forth, "At last, O Lord, you have accepted my request."

(Binceyacht, I am deeply sorry to inform you that this now exists. I would say blame Jortellini for teaching me that the art tool exists, but I don't think he even thought about this.
There is now a tool for turning garbage into a landscape. The only thing Joel wanted was to do a Bob Ross Mario Paint stream, and I've used the idea and research to absolutely ruin this.)


Game:getting_over_it artist:eckitronix jesus streamer:joel // 1024x1024 // 301.6KB Date     User Eckitronix    
Tags artist:eckitronix Game:getting_over_it jesus streamer:joel


"The Legend come to Life! 8.5/10 - IGN"

(I don't remember when you mentioned the scammers telling you "how to make Jesus 2" but then I thought "that's a funny idea" and so I expanded upon it for some reason.)
Actually "Jesus 2" is in fact a completely real game for the PC 98, same with "S*x 2"
Thank God :)


artist:eckitronix game:super_mario_bros. streamer:joel // 1024x1024 // 29.8KB Date     User Eckitronix    
Tags artist:eckitronix game:super_mario_bros. streamer:joel


Context: Multiplayer Mario featuring only Joel playing. Fire Flower on Luigi, Mario remaining small.
"Don't talk to me or my son ever again" meme applies here.
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