Bulk artist:jaylestial dio game:sims_4 garfield streamer:joel // 2500x2359 // 1.5MB Date     User Jaylestial    
Tags artist:jaylestial Bulk dio game:sims_4 garfield streamer:joel


Hey Joel, I wrote my message in the art because I wasn’t sure how the booru worked, but I’m so grateful for your streams and I’ll hopefully be posting more frequently now that I’ve made an account! I hope I posted correctly, because I had a blast drawing these doodles.
(You’re also a huge reason I got into JJBA in the first place, so it’s your fault I appreciate Dio so much... Thank you.)


artist:bgillispie character:bulk streamer:joel // 1000x1000 // 38.1KB Date     User bgillispie7    
Tags artist:bgillispie character:bulk streamer:joel


Hey Joel got some pixel art for ya lil more complicated then the last enjoy. P.S My name is pronounce B Gillispie.


artist:nobleindigo streamer:vinny // 1795x2005 // 860.4KB Date     User nobleindigo    
Tags artist:nobleindigo streamer:vinny


Inspired by the Selfie2Anime game, I drew Vinny in an anime-like art style. Not something I normally do, it was kinda fun.


Game:Selfie2Anime I'm_very_sorry_about_this artist:ChargeThenLance probably_just_as_cursed_as_that_yoshi rule_63 streamer:joel streamer:vinny // 1386x1054 // 1.2MB Date     User ChargeThenLance    
Tags artist:ChargeThenLance Game:Selfie2Anime I'm_very_sorry_about_this probably_just_as_cursed_as_that_yoshi rule_63 streamer:joel streamer:vinny


I think I just realized that my one purpose in life is to draw things that make others involved unhappy, also I'm sorry I dragged you into this Joel.
At long last, the true waifu's of vinesauce.


Game:Selfie2Anime artist:Pareidolic gordon_ramsay meat streamer:vinny // 1022x842 // 474.7KB Date     User Pareidolic    
Tags artist:Pareidolic Game:Selfie2Anime gordon_ramsay meat streamer:vinny


Sweet Jesus... she’s cute
new waifu? I'm talking about gordon Ramsay ofc
TFW the Lamb sauce is Ḻ̶̺̻̱͋̓́͛̃̿Ǫ̴̼̫͂̒C̶̡͎̥̟͊̐̅̒͋̇̚Ä̶̡̳̤́͌̽̉̋͐͠T̷̺̖̺̽͂͒E̸̩̠̖͖̩͙͒͜Ḑ̴̧͕͑͆̓̅


artist:kyun grug streamer:joel // 1341x1331 // 153.4KB Date     User kyun    
Tags artist:kyun grug streamer:joel


I PUMPED THIS OUT DURING THE ART SEGMENT i just wanted to imagine what grug would look like!! i'll definitely draw him more later
sorry that this is legit shit quality i just made this in a huge rush :(
he's adorable! the best boy


artist:jakeyjakeyjakey game:woodwork_simulator grug_the_gamer streamer:joel // 116x216 // 960 Date     User JakeyJakeyJakey    
Tags artist:jakeyjakeyjakey game:woodwork_simulator grug_the_gamer streamer:joel


That looks awesome!


artist:zumoquartet game:woodwork_simulator grug_the_gamer streamer:joel // 1357x1318 // 589.8KB Date     User zumoquartet    
Tags artist:zumoquartet game:woodwork_simulator grug_the_gamer streamer:joel


a gud boi


artist:roflfish game:woodwork_simulator streamer:joel // 1297x1103 // 184.9KB Date     User RoflFish    
Tags artist:roflfish game:woodwork_simulator streamer:joel


Hey Jortle, first time making art for your stream.
Loved your jank chair and wanted to make my interpretation of it.
Keep up the good work, you genuinely infuriate me :)


artist:Hum_Drum game:woodwork_simulator grug streamer:joel // 2000x2500 // 2.5MB Date     User HumDrum    
Tags artist:Hum_Drum game:woodwork_simulator grug streamer:joel


I fell in love with him. I don't do fanart often, but this was a chance to do something way different from my norm.
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