artist:Globtofan fren meme streamer:joel // 960x540 // 23.3KB Date     User globtofan    
Tags artist:Globtofan fren meme streamer:joel


Hello Joel, hello chat, hello vinebooru!
This is the first fanart I'm actually posting on the booru (I've drawn an actual fren before, but didn't post it anywhere) and it's already a fookin' disgrace, (not) sorry about dat. This is fren doing the "Jacko pose" if you can't tell, (first time participating in a trend) it's awful to look at because I can't draw for shit lol (not like it would better in 4k), not one of my masterpieces but at least it's something.
I've been watching Joel's content since I found the windows destruction videos back in 2018 and discovered that he's actually one of the funniest guys on the internet and thus have been watching the streams ever since! One of the few streamers that can hook me up in seconds and not let me leave the stream, since he's so much fun. I really do enjoy watching and clipping his best(worst) moments! ^^
But I think I've talked enough and I'll stop there, don't wanna embarass anyone!
Stay funni, Stay fecal. *fart noise*

fren be t h i c c


artist:Nine_Ten game:Among_Us streamer:joel // 260x306 // 3.7KB Date     User nine_ten    
Tags artist:Nine_Ten game:Among_Us streamer:joel


This is an amogus I drew for the site
you can check it out at:
Much sus


artist:DJKeala streamer:joel // 913x817 // 422.0KB Date     User DJKeala    
Tags artist:DJKeala streamer:joel


This was made a long time ago but I never posted it because I was shy haha
Joel has been making me feel so much better lately, I gathered the courage to post it! I'll contribute more art someday and it will be even better. I promise!
Joel is probably one of the nicest and most welcoming people on the internet, same with Vinny. You have nothing to worry about posting your art here, as long as it's Vinesauce-related and SFW (it's also recommended that it be relevant, but that isn't set in stone). Plus, this is a very polished piece.

I was also very shy about it at first, though. I don't blame 'ya at all for feeling like that. In fact, I'm still irrationally afraid to look at people's responses. :/


artist:UnderYourCloset game:gartic_phone luigi mario streamer:joel // 890x720 // 59.0KB Date     User UnderYourCloset    
Tags artist:UnderYourCloset game:gartic_phone luigi mario streamer:joel


mama mia luigi

Hope you are having a good day Joel. :)
But there were something fungi about those bro
"You go to hell before you die, Luigi"

"Do you see the Mushroom Kingdom now, Mario?"


artist:FalsettoGaming fren streamer:joel // 871x720 // 435.8KB Date     User Falsetto    
Tags artist:FalsettoGaming fren streamer:joel


bigger image in source c:
froggi :D <3


artist:linkstar21 big_chungus endme fren streamer:joel // 45x54 // 1.0KB Date     User Linkstar    
Tags artist:linkstar21 big_chungus endme fren streamer:joel


Just some practice with pixel art :)
Also reposted because the original one (now deleted) was tagged wrong, causing it to not be seen/shown on stream, pls dont thanos snap me mods


artist:FalsettoGaming fren streamer:joel // 901x720 // 577.9KB Date     User Falsetto    
Tags artist:FalsettoGaming fren streamer:joel


bigger image in source c:
my frens from offline chat aggie <3


artist:SatanPasta streamer:joel // 1194x441 // 271.2KB Date     User SatanPasta    
Tags artist:SatanPasta streamer:joel


sorry :^)


artist:rottingpigflesh fren streamer:joel // 720x761 // 298.8KB Date     User RottingPigFlesh    
Tags artist:rottingpigflesh fren streamer:joel


Realized I never left a comment, but this is my first post to the booru. Been watching since 2016 and never actually started watching live until recently! Fren is such a loveable little fella, so I tried to get a drawing in before the charity streams <3


are_ya_winning_son artist:Cryena joels_dad streamer:joel // 1097x720 // 79.2KB Date     User cryena    
Tags are_ya_winning_son artist:Cryena joels_dad streamer:joel


Joel your opinion about vegan foods costing way too much is entirely valid, its one of the worst things about being vegan for me. it might just be the fact that there's very little demand for that type of stuff around where i live, rather than in an inner city area. but what do i know im just a dumb kid.

tell your dad i said hi
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