Sasquatch artist:AtlasK bigfoot spooky_youtube_video_night streamer:joel trail_cam // 811x685 // 130.4KB Date     User AtlasK    
Tags artist:AtlasK bigfoot Sasquatch spooky_youtube_video_night streamer:joel trail_cam


why he thriller form michael jacksob


artist:smudgebap bigfoot found_footage real spooky_youtube_video_night streamer:joel // 444x679 // 271.7KB Date     User smudgebap    
Tags artist:smudgebap bigfoot found_footage real spooky_youtube_video_night streamer:joel




artist:Gotaru_ streamer:joel // 750x720 // 139.0KB Date     User Gotaru    
Tags artist:Gotaru_ streamer:joel


Hello Joey, been a long time since I posted a piece here, I don’t wanna waste too much of your time, don’t worry, this isn’t some sort of self advertising or anything, far from that, but to make it short thank you very much. Months ago, Earth Boiling Dystopia inspired me to start my very own manga project that I decided to call "Scorched Utopia" in honour of my favorite track from EBD. I plan to release the very first chapter around July and I am very proud of this project, seeing it building up everyday is making me super proud, this whole thing had a very positive effect on my mood, on how I feel on a daily basis and the way I see my art in general. This piece is essentially some sort of little tribute, because without you this whole project would’ve never abolished completely, so thanks a lot.
I just remembered just now that there is also another Vargshroom piece from 6 months ago I believe that you still haven’t seen man!
Varg lord sounds a lot like warlord (conqueror of east warlord with the blood of the beast)


animation artist:Arthur_Effgus streamer:joel vinesauce_animated // 1280x720 // 181.1KB Date     User Arthur_Effgus    
Tags animation artist:Arthur_Effgus streamer:joel vinesauce_animated


haha bald marioStyle


artist:sitkinator fren streamer:joel traditional // 982x1213 // 1022.6KB Date     User sitkinator    
Tags artist:sitkinator fren streamer:joel traditional


Hello Joel, been a while since I posted on the booru.
I stopped drawing since January because I felt a little burnt out, though since this month I'm starting to come back to it.
I especially like this one because it deviates from the original fren doodle a bit and into my own style.
Also here's funny a ytp (so bad it's good) :


artist:dyliokhan fren streamer:joel vineshroom // 1155x712 // 119.4KB Date     User Dyliokhan    
Tags artist:dyliokhan fren streamer:joel vineshroom


Note from ma sister: Haha funny memes :)


artist:AtlasK fren meme streamer:joel vargFren // 776x760 // 212.0KB Date     User AtlasK    
Tags artist:AtlasK fren meme streamer:joel vargFren


based off of the “fan art of dobby dying in a glue trap” meme, which can be seen in source


artist:AtlasK cooking fren streamer:joel vargFren // 935x729 // 714.8KB Date     User AtlasK    
Tags artist:AtlasK cooking fren streamer:joel vargFren


I like to think that Fren has a tiny children’s kitchen set and gives Joel the play food. The drawing was also inspired by the meals that Joel shows every now and then on stream.


artist:IvanSimonov childhood klasky_csupo streamer:joel // 960x540 // 75.6KB Date     User IvanSimonov    
Tags artist:IvanSimonov childhood klasky_csupo streamer:joel


dis iz 1 of mi skariesd chaildhud ol alonk.


artist:wasker_arts fren pizza streamer:joel // 986x814 // 53.0KB Date     User MayoMayu    
Tags artist:wasker_arts fren pizza streamer:joel


I got a little idea to make a funny pizza, thank you for the streams over the years!! They've brought me many smiles and laughs over the years <3
Just realized I repeated the same words twice because of sleep deprivation, oops
its ok bestie this slayed
Peppino: I'm-a Gonna Have-a Nightmare.
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