artist:butterdpopcorn easter streamer:vinny // 1500x1500 // 323.7KB Date     User butterdpopcorn    
Tags artist:butterdpopcorn easter streamer:vinny


Hope everyone has a good Easter! : D


artist:YesPosts streamer:imakuni // 1536x2048 // 989.8KB Date     User YesPosts    
Tags artist:YesPosts streamer:imakuni


Hooo boy y’all ever just listen to the ORAS ost and lose it??
Anyway hope this isn’t terrible


animated artist:zeurel streamer:joel // 800x700 // 726.5KB Date     User Zeurel    
Tags animated artist:zeurel streamer:joel


butt dance
rump bump
posterior waltz


artist:GopherYourself blender brb game:enter_the_gungeon streamer:vinny // 1280x720 // 4.3MB Date     User GopherYourself    
Tags artist:GopherYourself blender brb game:enter_the_gungeon streamer:vinny


Got inspired by cute robert during gungeon just now, first time trying to do realistic grass in blender and thought it turned out quite well :)
amazing, that grass is hands down some of the best i've seen


animated artist:GopherYourself blender streamer:vinny // 640x360 // 5.0MB Date     User GopherYourself    
Tags animated artist:GopherYourself blender streamer:vinny


Models and rendering done in blender, physics done with custom code. Making smaller models now for a bigger project with different types of physics.
That's some awesome modeling, wanted to ask: did you used boolean to make the v in the cap? if not, then what is it, looks clean
Thanks for the kind words, it's my first time modelling something in blender :)

The v was a separate mesh that I applied as a shrink wrap onto the cap then extruded, because the boolean method I tried didn't play well with rendering. For the shape, I just did the intersection between two circles (sort of like a venn diagram) then mirrored it and touched it up slightly based on a referenced image.
Thanks Gopher, that is a method I haven't given any thought to, gonna have to try it in the future


artist:somerepulsiveimp easter egg meat streamer:vinny watercolor // 1555x1037 // 453.7KB Date     User somerepulsiveimp    
Tags artist:somerepulsiveimp easter egg meat streamer:vinny watercolor


if you think this art can't get any more cursed you should see the ref. pic (Clathrus archeri - or Octopus Stinkhorn fungus):


animated artist:zeurel streamer:joel // 800x700 // 605.0KB Date     User Zeurel    
Tags animated artist:zeurel streamer:joel


Well gosh darn, that is one spooky Joel.


artist:Commander-Skittles streamer:joel // 410x650 // 38.6KB Date     User Commander-Skittles    
Tags artist:Commander-Skittles streamer:joel


Hey Joel I made a Dalek styled after your vineshroom Because I know you love them! Your streams always make me crack a smile even in the darkest of times
Rock on Brother


artist:CheesyDraws streamer:joel // 1200x900 // 1.3MB Date     User CheesyDraws    
Tags artist:CheesyDraws streamer:joel


i'm glad you liked our trash american food. also fit 2 memes in one you wanted someone to draw that so i did but i made it a garfield meme too. truly amazing.
also if any of you in the chat mention how i forgot to draw joel's mustache i will actually destroy you


artist:Arvacondria easter game:animal_crossing streamer:vinny // 1650x1347 // 2.8MB Date     User Arvacondria    
Tags artist:Arvacondria easter game:animal_crossing streamer:vinny


scoot is screaming but you cant hear it
also i have no idea if vinny ever actually did the easter event in animal crossing but oh well

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