artist:Zumba_Fitness streamer:jabroni_mike streamer:limes streamer:revscarecrow // 1011x824 // 164.6KB Date     User Zumba_Fitness    
Tags artist:Zumba_Fitness streamer:jabroni_mike streamer:limes streamer:revscarecrow


post got bopped from Mike's booru so I compressed it for here


animated artist:whyman fren streamer:joel // 208x301 // 19.4KB Date     User whyman    
Tags animated artist:whyman fren streamer:joel


Silly Treasure Island meme I've been seeing, felt inspired to strike while the iron's hot.
Took me about 4 hours just for 3 seconds of silly animation.
Transparent version in source, and the video it's based on: (joey if you read this don't play audio on stream because Dee Em See Ayy)


artist:PajamapantsJack streamer:joel streamer:limes streamer:revscarecrow streamer:vinny // 640x845 // 533.2KB Date     User PajamapantsJack    
Tags artist:PajamapantsJack streamer:joel streamer:limes streamer:revscarecrow streamer:vinny


Been almost a year since I’ve done art for the booru, good to be back


artist:zethrazora game:live_a_live streamer:vinny // 1000x1000 // 450.1KB Date     User ZethraZora    
Tags artist:zethrazora game:live_a_live streamer:vinny


cube is love cube is life cube is just a little guy


animated artist:whyman fren streamer:joel // 90x126 // 4.0KB Date     User whyman    
Tags animated artist:whyman fren streamer:joel


first time trying to animate something, have a fren jump


artist:miranda streamer:joel vargFren // 427x884 // 843.1KB Date     User Miranda    
Tags artist:miranda streamer:joel vargFren


Eyy yo joey,

In case you wanted another plushie fren to celebrate his 3rd b-day :) This fren has a BBL for some reason; i guess him and chat have been in Brazil for too long (please fly us back soon)

Off-topic, but I had a question for you; who or what made your sense of humor the way it is? Any big comedic influences or is it more a case of your slowly progressing beef brain that's made you the funny fecal man?

Seriously though, hope your summer finishes nicely and you get to relax a bit too,

-Miranda (moe_rando in chat)

PS for anyone interested, I make all my plushies from recycled material (my old t-shirts) and can share the sewing pattern if anyone wants it :)


artist:linds_knits spookysaturday streamer:joel // 1024x779 // 259.7KB Date     User Linds_knits    
Tags artist:linds_knits spookysaturday streamer:joel


Happy Saturday! Here are a couple of aliens and skeletons chilling in the backrooms


artist:LexiKami fren streamer:joel // 720x720 // 40.4KB Date     User LexiKami    
Tags artist:LexiKami fren streamer:joel


My first submission to the booru! Enjoy a little green boi


artist:AstroHusky fren real_life streamer:joel // 943x576 // 101.2KB Date     User AstroHusky    
Tags artist:AstroHusky fren real_life streamer:joel


Hi Joel, back in June I travelled to the United States (I'm Swedish, just like you :)) and had a blast meeting family and friends. I made this little boingyboof when I was in a restaurant family and it had a wall covered with other people's drawings so I just had to put that little guy there. It ain't much, but at least there is some piece of Fecal Funny goodness out there in the world. The restaurant is in Warren, Rhode Island if any chat members who live nearby want to see it for themselves.

PS. Thank you Joel for all the funny and entertaining streams over the years, you never fail the make me smile and laugh with you dumb antics everytime. Your Windows destruction series is part of my inspiration to study IT in highschool! Keep up the good work Joel, ha det bra!
*when I was in a restaurant with my family.
damn it


artist:pewpewpewlollol pixelart streamer:joel vargskelethor // 290x290 // 1.4KB Date     User Pewpewpewlollol    
Tags artist:pewpewpewlollol pixelart streamer:joel vargskelethor


Some pixelart of your shroom :> didn't take me long and i really like it :) hope you like it too
Also I'm open for commissions so if anyone of you in chat interested contact me on Twitter @shidoengie
(shameless promotion but i havent been getting a single client since i opened)
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