artist:MissKatiebug streamer:joel // 1396x1471 // 1.2MB Date     User MissKatieBug    
Tags artist:MissKatiebug streamer:joel


So this is my very first Vinesauce related fan-art ever! I came across this news post on my FB feed around the time Joel's internet was being fixed and I immediately thought of him. I've been watching the streams for a few years now but I've finally gotten around to making some art and putting it out there. Joel's streams never cease to cheer me up whenever I'm feeling down. I hope you like the art! :D…


artist:SuperB00sterBoy game:doom streamer:joel // 1032x685 // 167.8KB Date     User SuperB00sterBoy    
Tags artist:SuperB00sterBoy game:doom streamer:joel


I know this was here before but since Joel never caught up on the art that was posted during his trip to southern Sweden, I was kinda left in the dust. I really did want him to see this one because I had a message for him about thanking him for showing 3 pieces of my art during his first Spelunky stream.


artist:Lord_Vulkan101 streamer:vinny vineshroom // 2070x1514 // 2.1MB Date     User Lord_Vulkan101    
Tags artist:Lord_Vulkan101 streamer:vinny vineshroom


The doodle in the top left corner was the drawing I planned to make. That didn't exactly happen, but I'm happy with how the Vineshroom monster turned out.


artist:squirralicious streamer:vinny // 1875x2500 // 1.1MB Date     User squirralicious    
Tags artist:squirralicious streamer:vinny


attempt at binnyort in jamie hewlett/gorillaz art style bc why not! I tried lmao.....
goooood I love this so so much
This is amazing


artist:flowme game: streamer:vinny vineshroom yoshi // 589x729 // 182.4KB Date     User flowme    
Tags artist:flowme game: streamer:vinny vineshroom yoshi


Yah it's a brb


artist:rangdasportal streamer:joel vargshroom // 1068x1920 // 197.1KB Date     User rangdasportal_    
Tags artist:rangdasportal streamer:joel vargshroom


I kept forgetting to upload this, but it's a sketch I'll never finish, because I'm a lazy man.
This sketch actually ended up in my university concept work that netted me an A+ (sorry2brag)
The idea was that, I took the vargshroom and sorta fleshed him out into a nomad undead for a dnd campaign.


artist:kelekelo game:warioware_gold streamer:vinny // 452x600 // 266.8KB Date     User Kelekelo    
Tags artist:kelekelo game:warioware_gold streamer:vinny


I like the brush that you used!


artist:Not_Nameless ashley ashley_graham game:resident_evil_4 streamer:vinny // 800x800 // 358.9KB Date     User Not_Nameless    
Tags artist:Not_Nameless ashley ashley_graham game:resident_evil_4 streamer:vinny


So Cute~ I love how you gave her the Vinesauce Merch Shirt©


Thanos artist:AVQuasar kirby streamer:vinny trash // 962x1000 // 674.7KB Date     User AVQuasar    
Tags artist:AVQuasar kirby streamer:vinny Thanos trash


I forgot to sign it before I took the picture, so I had to sign it using a mouse in ms paint.
Getting a good picture for these is surprisingly difficult.


artist:anniemae family_guy game:warioware_gold mike streamer:vinny // 1123x1527 // 331.5KB Date     User AnnieMae04    
Tags artist:anniemae family_guy game:warioware_gold mike streamer:vinny


This is the shittiest thing I've ever to the how to draw Cal-Arts style meme
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