artist:abbacchioz streamer:vinny // 800x600 // 768.6KB Date     User Abbacchioz    
Tags artist:abbacchioz streamer:vinny




Game:Temu_Trash artist:chiitopia character:Temu_Flower pixel_art streamer:joel temu // 120x120 // 2.0KB Date     User chiitopia    
Tags artist:chiitopia character:Temu_Flower Game:Temu_Trash pixel_art streamer:joel temu


temu trash is one of my fav series, and I felt like I had to draw something for it, hope u like :)


artist:vineta nes streamer:vinny // 256x240 // 6.1KB Date     User vineta    
Tags artist:vineta nes streamer:vinny


heres an 8 bit version of the vinesauce logo i made, it has the limitations of the nes...

im glad the vinesauce logo has the colors it does as thats perfectly enough for just 1 nes color pallete!


artist:DatAnonymousBlock streamer:joel // 1200x900 // 398.7KB Date     User DatAnonymousBlock    
Tags artist:DatAnonymousBlock streamer:joel


Heyo Joel! It's been a while since I posted anything so here's henna fren (don't worry he's not permanent) :)
Update: henna has dried and I washed it, so here's the end result


3d_model artist:Krisbies low-poly n64 ps1 streamer:vinny // 688x481 // 44.1KB Date     User Krisbies    
Tags 3d_model artist:Krisbies low-poly n64 ps1 streamer:vinny


I made a low-poly model of vinny


ai artist:ponetan gnorts streamer:vinny // 1024x1024 // 256.5KB Date     User Ponetan    
Tags ai artist:ponetan gnorts streamer:vinny


I was messing around with AI and came up with something that honestly I think would make a good album cover or something for Red Vox.


artist:mossloth fren streamer:joel vargFren // 1280x570 // 208.0KB Date     User Mossloth    
Tags artist:mossloth fren streamer:joel vargFren


No thoughts, Head empty


artist:ayanathedork brb scanimate streamer:vinny video // 800x600 // 626.6KB Date     User AyanatheDork    
Tags artist:ayanathedork brb scanimate streamer:vinny video


its a video! i just hope the imgur link works!!!
tried to mimic those 70s scanimate style titlecards. i was gonna add more but blender gave me a headache lol
That looks very nice, really good animation.


Cards artist:Armando card cardsauce streamer:vinny // 860x435 // 292.3KB Date     User armm198    
Tags artist:Armando card Cards cardsauce streamer:vinny


Animated version in source!!
Very good art!


artist:poodlesaxophone streamer:joel // 960x964 // 436.9KB Date     User poodlesaxophone    
Tags artist:poodlesaxophone streamer:joel


Sorry if he is a little wonky
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