artist:bergameow game:doom streamer:joel windows_destruction // 720x877 // 723.6KB Date     User Bergameow    
Tags artist:bergameow game:doom streamer:joel windows_destruction


the hannah montanna linux destruction inspired me to draw hannah montanna as the protag in doom. i got tired halfway so I am sorry for the half-finished-ness of it all. In the source link is an alternate version where I turned the alien-demon freaks into vargskelegoons.

thank you for going as far as you do to the point of destroying your voice in vinewrestle, hearing it afterwards made me so sad, hope you took good care of yourself after. : )
Best of both worlds


artist:zeurel streamer:joel // 720x827 // 285.3KB Date     User Zeurel    
Tags artist:zeurel streamer:joel


Have you seen Nope yet? It's got a monkey in it :)
I like monkey :)
Heheh someone got into the barbeque sauce :)
aww he's got some funny little schmutz on his face :)


artist:royalgutz streamer:joel streamer:vinny vinewrestle // 936x720 // 624.3KB Date     User royalgutz    
Tags artist:royalgutz streamer:joel streamer:vinny vinewrestle


this is so amazing, im glad everyone looks like they're having a great time
I couldnt watch the vinewrestle but this image alone has me really excited to watch the VOD


artist:AtlasK glass streamer:joel vr // 1062x946 // 430.9KB Date     User AtlasK    
Tags artist:AtlasK glass streamer:joel vr


This is a reference to the glass VR incident. Yeah I know it was a long time ago but when I saw the “erm what the scallop” jerma picture, I couldn’t resist
what the scallop?? it appears that the Joel has broken a precious glass cup!!!!
erm what the scallop???


artist:miranda streamer:joel vargshroom // 570x476 // 623.7KB Date     User Miranda    
Tags artist:miranda streamer:joel vargshroom


Eyy yo joey,

Best of luck with your segments on the charity event this year - looking forward to what you've got planned!

Take care and sincerely,
-Miranda (moe_rando in chat)
love the effect of light around the candles and the horns


artist:Dariadruid fren streamer:joel // 786x554 // 120.0KB Date     User Dariadruid    
Tags artist:Dariadruid fren streamer:joel


Summer is already over but I made a little pool fren in a 3D program for fun (I don't really have good knowledge about 3D art in general so it's pretty basic lol)
Btw Fren's mouth is made out of the letter C and his beard out of the letter M


artist:annie_da_moose cake fren streamer:joel // 535x415 // 296.8KB Date     User annie_da_moose    
Tags artist:annie_da_moose cake fren streamer:joel


He's eatable now :)

Made him back in August after discovering the existence of Prinsesstårta and then learning that Joel's birthday was approaching. I wanted to post him back then but the bloody claws of college emerged and I was dragged back into Hell for a couple of week, missing the date.
But it's the thought that counts, and in any case, he was real fun to bake and devour despite the absolute mess he caused ( for context, getting the right ingredients here in Mexico was a handful AND it was my first time trying to bake a Prinsesstårta and but I don't regret it a single bit)
I'll probably make another one next year, and I'll consider accompanying it with a miniature "3 :) " frog cake too

Until then, enjoy the photos I took of this massive and delicious boy, I added a mini photoshoot in source. I hope you like him Joel!
dropout of college
No, I need college to get my degree in stinky :)


artist:xXcheyenne666Xx chat fren smiling_frens streamer:joel streamer:vinny vargFren // 930x745 // 269.6KB Date     User shitty-cheyenne    
Tags artist:xXcheyenne666Xx chat fren smiling_frens streamer:joel streamer:vinny vargFren


ok so heres my true 100th upload yippie i am insane!!!!!!!!!!! just something i've wanted to make for a while if you haven't seen smiling friends i recommend it its very silly and funky and i love it lots :> meow


artist:HotDoggsAreKool streamer:joel vargshroom // 640x480 // 428.7KB Date     User HotDogsAreKool    
Tags artist:HotDoggsAreKool streamer:joel vargshroom


bigger version in source


artist:the_Lclown streamer:jabroni_mike streamer:joel vinewrestle // 1280x1280 // 313.1KB Date     User the_Lclown    
Tags artist:the_Lclown streamer:jabroni_mike streamer:joel vinewrestle


Local Italian man fights ghost and gets his ass kicked for charity
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