artist:simple_fool fren streamer:joel vargFren // 720x659 // 44.0KB Date     User simple_fool    
Tags artist:simple_fool fren streamer:joel vargFren


Utterly baffled by the shit y'all think we eat. Please dont pickle your hot dogs in brine.
This is really nice and funny!


artist:Snarfnpoots demi_fiend demi_fren fren streamer:joel vargFren // 683x579 // 37.1KB Date     User Snarfnpoots    
Tags artist:Snarfnpoots demi_fiend demi_fren fren streamer:joel vargFren


Heya Boel! This here is demi-fren, of which you are not expected to understand, but anyways:
You might remember a while back I said I was going to do an album anaƂysis of Earth Boiling Dystopia? Well I finished that up and have it all written down in a document. I'm not quite sure how to get it to you since you don't really use your email anymore, but if you'd like me to send it through one of the mods that'd be all good. I'd prefer it if only you and Frank saw it though, it's not exactly something I wanna share everywhere. Anyways, just lemme know how and I'll send it to you as quick as I can. Have a good one, bro!


artist:zugskeletorc fbq fren streamer:joel // 1020x680 // 630.9KB Date     User Anster    
Tags artist:zugskeletorc fbq fren streamer:joel


Hello there Joel! Hope that you are having a blast :) This image was made by Zugskeletorc, as you can see, he is working with me and others in the game, and here it is an small glitch that the team made a meme, enjoy!

PS: The full quality image is in the source


artist:Rottenforest streamer:joel // 709x1280 // 808.8KB Date     User Rottenforest    
Tags artist:Rottenforest streamer:joel


this is an old fanart i did some time ago, i never posted it here because shy/ afraid that joel won't like it. so i tried to rework it and finally decided to post it. it's my first post here, i'm not sure how things works, not even sure if i'm in the right place, tell me if i did something wrong !
Yoooo this is insanely good! You have every right to be proud of this.
thanks Rampy !


animation artist:HOMEBYMIDNIGHT streamer:vinny // 1000x563 // 275.0KB Date     User HomeByMidnight    
Tags animation artist:HOMEBYMIDNIGHT streamer:vinny


almost forgot to share this here

also, if you prefer watching on Newgrounds:
Man this is good. I really hope Vin watches this someday (maybe even on Stream). Im sure he would enjoy this.


artist:h_l_longboy fren streamer:joel // 511x720 // 250.5KB Date     User h_l_longboy    
Tags artist:h_l_longboy fren streamer:joel


I started doodling on some blank cardstock and it ended up as fren in LIDL armour. It's an alt of this MtG card, which you can read the effects of because my penmanship is awful.


artist:Vlinny hapy_birthday_to_this_fuk my_head_hurts streamer:vinny vlinny // 1600x1800 // 480.0KB Date     User Vlinny    
Tags artist:Vlinny hapy_birthday_to_this_fuk my_head_hurts streamer:vinny vlinny


i know this post is so old but looking at this reminds me that me and vlin have the same birthday just different years


artist:clestis fren streamer:joel // 480x476 // 313.7KB Date     User clestis    
Tags artist:clestis fren streamer:joel


is that his ass or balls
[spoilers]it's the ass[/spoilers]


CJ artist:blockmechanics carl_johnson game:grand_theft_auto_san_andreas gta streamer:joel // 1346x1194 // 1.2MB Date     User BlockMechanics    
Tags artist:blockmechanics carl_johnson CJ game:grand_theft_auto_san_andreas gta streamer:joel


the sprunk,....


Big_Smoke artist:clestis carl_johnson game:grand_theft_auto:san_andreas streamer:joel transformers // 112x112 // 14.4KB Date     User clestis    
Tags artist:clestis Big_Smoke carl_johnson game:grand_theft_auto:san_andreas streamer:joel transformers


How i like to remember that day.
There were a couple other things i would have added but i could not manage to fit.
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