1. SFW content only. There is a grey area with this sort of thing that could easily lead to a slippery slope of NSFWish art. Please help us remain a SFW video game booru.
2. Vinesauce related content only. No Original Characters. Keep in mind, not every mod watches every stream, so a drawing of a reference could still mistakenly get removed. The more obscure the reference, the higher chance of this. Email us if this is the case.
3. By posting art on this booru, you grant the vinesauce streamers permission to use your art on their videos and their streams.
4. Do not submit low effort or stolen artwork. Low effort, while subjective, can usually be described as art that doesn't take very long to make.
5. Do not submit ANY twitch emote submissions to the booru. Go here instead:
6. Image limit is 2500x2500 and 5MB.
7. Before posting please read this tutorial on tagging: and be sure to add a the appropriate tags (streamer, artist, etc)
8. Do not post Work In Progresses.
9. Limit posting to 2 images per day, per streamer. 1 image is highly preferred to keep the art segment moving, but 2 is the limit. (Please do not spam the booru!) If you include a BRB version, do so in the comments of the original art.
10. Do not post placeholder images for music/videos. Lower quality gifs with a high quality mp4 (For brbs and such) are allowed at moderator discretion.
11. Do not include messages to the streamers in your art. Do NOT use your art to complain about the streamer or the streams
12. Do not post any advertisements or solicit for anything. Feel free to sign your art, but if your main goal is to use the booru for promotion, please don't.
13. If your art gets deleted and you have any further questions please contact us at [email protected]

Please remember the moderators are unpaid and capable of human error. Each person moderates differently; art is subjective and moderating the booru can be extremely difficult and stressful. If your art is removed, your best bet is to email it to the streamer and post it on your social media. If you feel your art was removed unfairly, email us, but please understand that not all art will be seen by the streamers and not all art removed will make it back to the booru.