1. SFW content only.
2. Vinesauce related content only.
3. By posting art on this booru, you grant the vinesauce streamers permission to use your art on their videos and their streams.
4. Do not submit low effort or stolen artwork.
5. Image limit is 2500x2500 and 5MB.
6. Before posting please read this tutorial on tagging: and be sure to add a the appropriate tags (streamer, artist, etc)
7. Avoid posting WIPs if at all possible.
8. Avoid posting more than 1-3 images during one stream. Do not spam the booru with art!
9. Do not post placeholder images for music/videos. Lower quality gifs with a high quality mp4 (For brbs and such) are allowed at moderator discretion.
10. All Moderator decisions are final!
11. If your art gets deleted or you have any further questions please contact us at [email protected]