artist:dreamkazoo game:metal_gear_online streamer:vinny vinesauce // 1017x608 // 159.0KB Date     User DreamKazoo    
Tags artist:dreamkazoo game:metal_gear_online streamer:vinny vinesauce


Ahahaha, that's great.
Holy crap, that's really good.


brb streamer:vinny vinesauce // 795x467 // 19.9KB Date     User Rizari    
Tags brb streamer:vinny vinesauce


Holy fuck, this is excellent!
Excellent Work!


artist:8bitbeetle botchjob dog streamer:vinny // 800x800 // 460.0KB Date     User 8BITbeetle    
Tags artist:8bitbeetle botchjob dog streamer:vinny


I tweeted this earlier. Just a quick doodle of that cute little plush dog you received!


game:pokemon pokemon_firered streamer:joel streamer:vinny // 128x128 // 5.4KB Date     User theison    
Tags game:pokemon pokemon_firered streamer:joel streamer:vinny


<a href="" rel="nofollow">;t=492&p=5913#p5913</a>


animated vinesauce vineshroom // 480x480 // 271.0KB Date     User cirnoakasoda    
Tags animated vinesauce vineshroom


take notice, if you're gonna try pronouncing my name, its like "churr-no, A.K.A soda"


artist:furyextralarge door streamer:vinny // 1024x768 // 185.8KB Date     User furyextralarge    
Tags artist:furyextralarge door streamer:vinny


"I don't like the implications of this" -Vinny


artist:pilot streamer:vinny // 1800x1200 // 550.5KB Date     User pilot    
Tags artist:pilot streamer:vinny


in case you cant read my disgusting handwriting it says:
-has no neck
-small neck
-fucks bees
-has spider dungeon in house, keeps VDub prisoner in said dungeon
-hates video games that he likes
-Beatles Fan
omfg this is a lot like an edit i made........ <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
ack i didn't see that! that does look a lot like urs. great minds think alike i suppose!


artist:peepapwaluigi flowey game:undertale // 1000x1000 // 179.7KB Date     User PeepapWaluigi    
Tags artist:peepapwaluigi flowey game:undertale


Apologies for the crap quality I just really wanted to see If I could actually upload an image, I got excited and rushed it.
Hopefully the next thing I upload has little bit more love put into it.


streamer:darren streamer:dorb streamer:fred streamer:joel streamer:limes streamer:vinny // 2560x1440 // 1.1MB Date     User Flyingwaffleiron    
Tags streamer:darren streamer:dorb streamer:fred streamer:joel streamer:limes streamer:vinny


Tags on the booru don't have a # before them.
Here's a tutorial: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>


crundle_quest_development streamer:joel // 1248x702 // 42.6KB Date     User elizzlebeth    
Tags crundle_quest_development streamer:joel


How does this look?
I struggled a lot with the background.
Well it plays the part of the game looking simple, but a little bit of shading on minor details on the mountain visible in the parallax might look cooler.
Noted. I could try that.
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