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Merry Christmas, everyone! This started as merry Christmas/ happy birthday/LOOK AT THIS DUDE post for Jabroni Mike, and Joel (because I think I found his drunk Norwegian uncle), turned into a little art piece that became a multi-streamer Christmas gift.

Since this is going to multiple streamers, I did include a little version of myself presenting Mike a gift for the sake of clarity; I try to strictly follow the rules of no self-inserts otherwise. I hope this one is okay!

There are a total of 6 streamers in this pic:
- Jabroni Mike
- Vinny
- Joel
- Rev
- ZeroXDiamond (in the sleigh with a Rave™ Santa)
- 2 cameos some of you might recognize
- this guy, who's not a streamer, but Joel's drunk Norwegian uncle in question:
- a bunch of Easter eggs

Can you find them all?

(The pink present isn't one of them. It's just... there. Being pink.)

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