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After watching you play that Mario Bros shareware game, I started thinking that the sprite for Mario isn't actually Mario, but a guy who commonly gets wrongly recognized as Mario, until it got to a point where he just started saying he was and charging $15 to stand near him.

Not much I really want to say, but you had mentioned earlier that you have all those juice boxes in your basement, so instead of letting them just sit down there collecting dust until they expire, and instead donate to them to something like a homeless shelter or food bank, so that way it can go to people in need.

Also, I'm thinking of making a Kamen Rider Varg theme song, sung by yours truly. I was thinking of basing it off of a theme from other tokusatsu series, and even having a new theme for each form based on a different opening. I was thinking of using this ( ) theme from Kamen Rider Amazons (which is a series I think you would enjoy, official english subs are on Amazon Prime, or you can use fansubs for more literal translations) or this ( ) theme from Kamen Rider Drive (which is also a good show, but you can only get it through fansubs). You don't have to look at the links now, in fact you would probably get the VOD muted if you did, but just look at them later. If there is another theme or just song that I should base the song off of, let me know. And I would make the theme for Varg's final form an original song, I just can't write music currently. Anyways, that's it. Until next time...