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Hooooooo boy, was that a Lego Star Wars stream. I will be fully honest when I say that, having grown up with that game, I was getting pretty angry at how you were playing. But then, I lightened up, and it was extremely funny, like all streams of yours. Anyways, I both (tried) to make you in the game, but I also thought about your question about if you can kill Vader with just Gonk. I might have taken that a step further...what do I mean? Well, check the video and read the description to find out for yourself.

Also, fair word of warning, if you play Lego Star Wars again, make sure to turn the in-game music off in the settings, just so you have a better chance of avoiding the VOD being blocked in Germany. Anyways, take care!

(Also, is it just me that think that "Bonanger" sounds like an off-brand Sentai team?)
not sure this belongs on the booru.