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Pictured: SCP 3232-V entering a dormant state after consuming too much refuse material.
Description: SCP-3232 is an old cotton pillow (estimated to be 15 - 20 years old) perpetually covered in arthropods of various species (henceforth collectively known as SCP-3232-1). SCP-3232-1 appears to originate from inside the pillow, exiting the casing through small holes in the seams. All attempts to examine the interior of the pillow casing have been met with failure. The cloth seems to be resistant to further tear or damage, and attempting to insert a camera or any other probing device will result in hitting an unidentifiable barrier, halting further exploration. Species found on the surface of SCP-3232 vary greatly, most being species commonly perceived as “household pests”. Exotic, rare, or even species thought to have been extinct*1 have been also observed. SCP-3232 currently has no observable limit to the volume of arthropods it can produce*2.