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Hello, Joel! I've been a fan of you since May this year and I've enjoyed watching your streams.
So, to show my dedication as a fan, I made some fanart for you!

This is an artwork of you as a werewolf. Since I like werewolves and Halloween, I thought it'd be
a great idea to draw something as part of the spooky season. I know Halloween's probably over but I'm still
determined to share this.

(To be honest, I do see you as more of a werewolf than a vampire, but that's just my opinion alone.)

This is also my first upload ever on the Vinebooru and I was extremely nervous to share this because
I was worried that it might be a little too scary for the Vinebooru.

Anyway, hope you like it, Joel. Happy Halloween.

~Dylan, aka "DylanStarDog"
P.S. The markings are kind of supposed to resemble those of the raccoon. It probably doesn't look all that great with them, I might fix up the artwork later. But for now I'm keeping it the way it currently is.
this is genuinely so cool i love it