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He's eatable now :)

Made him back in August after discovering the existence of Prinsesstårta and then learning that Joel's birthday was approaching. I wanted to post him back then but the bloody claws of college emerged and I was dragged back into Hell for a couple of week, missing the date.
But it's the thought that counts, and in any case, he was real fun to bake and devour despite the absolute mess he caused ( for context, getting the right ingredients here in Mexico was a handful AND it was my first time trying to bake a Prinsesstårta and but I don't regret it a single bit)
I'll probably make another one next year, and I'll consider accompanying it with a miniature "3 :) " frog cake too

Until then, enjoy the photos I took of this massive and delicious boy, I added a mini photoshoot in source. I hope you like him Joel!
dropout of college
No, I need college to get my degree in stinky :)