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Heya Borbel, been loving your Security Breach stuff, and mad props to you for sticking through so much of it even when chat got a bit snusky over you enjoying it. I saw someone in chat talk about this, and I figured you might like to know about it.
The original dev of FNAF, Scott Cawthon, made quite a few games before it, most of which sucked - except for one. There's a game he released *just* before FNAF which was his biggest project ever called "The Desolate Hope," and it's 100% free on steam. If you wanna see the most OTT battle system you've ever seen and how incredible Scott's 3D modelling skills really are, you might want to check it out. It probably won't be too long, but definitely something you might like to check out.
Keep up the good snusk and try not to shit yourself too much when feddy tickels your bumhole
PS: Link to The Desolate Hope's steam page is in the source