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(This a repost cause the streamer tag was messed up)

Hi Joel, was watching your last geoguessr stream and decided to draw a fren with brain freeze for eating too much Mr Cool icecream. Thank you for the laughs and many funnies, your videos and streams help me to relax during rough days.

I'm also letting you know that "Blue Shell Incident: Reloaded" is going on great (Last 50 scenes available).

I hope you have a nice day and plenty of Good Luck!
Source is just the BSIR Teaser btw.
Crap, I forgot about the Blue Shell Reanimated! (0_0)

I was looking for a reanimated collab to join ever since the Big Jump collab, and I forgot this was a thing. Good to know that so many scenes are still available, thanks for reminding me. ('-_-)
I think I can do better at this one, I've been practicing art and animation a lot since then, especially with the Mario bros.
Nevermind, the release date has been dragged back to August. Damn, I always have the worst luck with keeping up on social stuff... In fact, staying relevant is the thing I'm worst at.
Forgetfulness, anxiety, social incompetence, and FOMO is the worst mix.